About Us

We provide complex legal services in favour of Polish and foreign business entities. When providing our services, we make all possible efforts for these services to be at the highest level, in a businesslike and reliable manner. We employ an individual approach to a Client, and with understanding of a Client’s business needs and purposes.

We have acquired experience and knowledge in several fields of expertise. We specialize in providing advisory services in the field of, among other things, company law, commercial law, copyright law and intellectual property; we also provide services in favour of offshore companies.

“We carefully listen to our Clients to understand their needs and specific nature of their activity. We offer business services tailored to individual expectations of each business entity. We do want to effectively assist in achieving legal safety. We understand our Clients because we are also entrepreneurs”.
We strive for being a dynamic and modern law firm whose development results from a deep understanding of the Client’s needs, constant improvement of competencies of our employees and fulfilment of assumed principles and values. As we are entrepreneurs, each case has not only legal but also business dimension.
Trust. Stable relations are based upon mutual respect and trust. In our everyday work, these relations are established through, among other things, fulfilling mutual obligations, respecting principles of professional ethics and communicating in a substantive and coherent manner.

Team. Our employees create a uniform team that integrates specialisations and abilities with the aim being to offer the highest possible added value. What we do appreciate is loyalty, involvement in the matter related to our Law Firm. We undertake regular measures for our employees to develop as they are one of our strongest points.

Professionalism. We constantly train our team and share knowledge and experience. This is why, due to these actions, we operate in an effective, reliable and responsible manner. Our professionalism also involves an individual approach to the needs of our Clients and understanding of specificity of a business environment in which they operate.